Evaluation of Locally Prepared Inactivated Newcastle Disease Virus Vaccine

Nermin M. Monir1 , Gabr F. El-Bagoury2 , Lamia M. Omar1, Saad S. A. Sharawi2


Vaccination is one of the control measures of the disturbing Newcastle Disease in Egypt. Inactivated Newcastle Disease virus (NDV) vaccine was prepared using a local isolate (NDV-ch-EG-CLEVBF604-2016), from Qaliobia governorate, Egypt, with Montanide ISA70VG as an oil adjuvant. The prepared vaccine was evaluated in comparison with an inactivated imported vaccine. Chick and Turkey chick groups vaccinated with either prepared or imported vaccines showed high serum antibody titers from the 3rd week post vaccination and reached the highest titer at the 9th week post vaccination using HI test. Both prepared and imported vaccines gave near percentage of protection against the local and the classical strain in both groups of chicks and turkeys ,21 days post vaccination, with no clinical signs or lesions on examination. Concluding that the locally prepared inactivated NDV vaccine can protect chicken and turkey against both homologous and heterologous challenging viruses.

Key words

ND, evaluation, inactivated vaccine, Montanide ISA70VG

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