Effect of Method of Administration Of 17β-Estradiol On Hormonal Residues in Chicken Meat, Livers and Kidneys

Hemmat, M. Ibrahima , Reham, A. Amin a , Omaima, M. Diab b and Asmaa, E. Hassan b


Administration of hormones to broiler chickens for performance- enhancing purposes may lead to deposit of residues in their carcasses. This could be a potential human health hazard up on exposure to these residues. Therefore this study was performed on sixty chicks (one day old) were reared under the same condition. At 10 day old age the chicks were divided into 4 groups (control, I/M administrated group, oral administrated group and withdrawal group). Then hormonal residues were detected in chick’s carcasses and their livers and kidneys using Enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA) method. The results obtained that mean values of estradiol 14.2±0.20, 20.20±0.30 and 22.29±0.70 ppb in muscle, liver and kidneys of chicken, respectively. .The public health significance and recommendations for the use of hormones were discussed.

Key words

17β-Estradiol, ELISA, Chicken anabolic hormones.

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