Effect of Some Plant Extract on Oxidative and Microbial Stability of Meat

Amani M. Salem1 , Nahla A.Shawky2 , Lamiaa M. Abo-Hussein2


The study was designed to investigate antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of olive leaves , curcuma and ginger extracts on minced meat samples. Minced meat was divided into 4 groups, untreated (control) and 3 treated groups, the first treated group was homogenized with olive leaves extract( 5% & 3%) & second group was homogenized with curcuma extract (1% ,2%) and third group was homogenized with ginger extract ( 0.4%, 0.6%). The minced meat samples were examined physically, bacteriologically and chemically to determine their keeping quality by aerobic plate, Staphylococcal and Enterobacteriacae counts, as well as measuring pH, TBA and TVN immediately after preparation (zero time) until 6 days of chilling storage (4±1°C). Olive leaves extracts were more effective at all concentrations followed by ginger then curcuma extracts. Which may be due to flavonoids and phenolic compounds obtained from olive leaf extracts that play an important role as antioxidant and antimicrobial agents in the stored meat

Key words

Olive leaves, ginger, curcuma, antimicrobial, antioxidant, minced meat

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