Convenience of rapid detection tests in suspecting prevalence of FMD virus in Egypt between 2016-2017.

Gabr, F. El-Bagoury1, Nashwa, M. Helmy2, Ayman, S. El-Habbaa1 and Rawan, A. El- Habashy2


Egypt is endemic for Foot and mouth disease (FMD) virus with continuous long-lasting outbreaks in different provinces causing significant losses in the animal livestock. This study was designed to show convenience of rapid detection tests in suspecting prevalence of FMD virus in Egypt during autumn and winter 2016 and spring and summer 2017. Samples collected from clinically suspected cattle and buffaloes at different governorates, were subjected to antigen detection ELISA and real time reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (rRT-PCR). Although FMD virus serotype O is more prevalent during that period, serotypes A and SAT2 were also found in less prevalent cases. It was showed that from 2018 samples, 62 (28.44%) and 72 (33.02%) samples were positive for FMD virus (Serotypes A, O and SAT2) using antigen detection ELISA and rRT-PCR, respectively. Trials for virus isolation on BHK-21 from aseptically prepared 24 positive samples by antigendetection ELISA and rRT-PCR, revealed four isolates, three for serotype O samples and one SAT2. Finally, rRT-PCR was employed as it has a greater sensitivity over the conventional ELISA and virus isolation for the diagnosis of FMD virus suspected samples which are not detected by

Key words

FMDV, ELISA, rRT-PCR, Virus isolation.

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