Detection of virulence genes of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus isolated from chicken meat cuts by using PCR

Fatin S. Hassanen1, Fahem A. Shaltout1, Amani, M. S.1, Maarouf, A. A. A.2, Rasha, N. A2


The present study was performed on 120 random samples of fresh chicken meat cuts of Drumstick, thigh and breast (40 of each) which were purchased from different supermarkets and retail chicken butchers at Kaliobia Governorate, for detection of virulence genes responsible for Staphylococcus. aureus enterotoxins production by using PCR.A total of 33 examined samples were positive for S.aureus counts represented as 13(32.5%) from drumstick samples; 11(27.5%) from thigh samples and 9(22.5%) from breast samples. The results revealed that 8 strains out of 10 random examined strains by SET- RPLA test were enterotoxigenic and classified according to type of toxin into (3A;1C,2D and 2A&C).Moreover, PCR results cleared that; sea gene was detected in 4 studied strains; seb gene in one strain and sec; sed and see genes were detected in 3 strains out of 10 studied strains

Key words

Chicken meat, enterotoxigenic S.aureus, virulence genes

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