Studies on bacteriological profile of chicken meat cuts in Kaliobia governorate

Fatin S. Hassanen1, Fahem A. Shaltout1, Amani, M. S.2, Maarouf, A. A. A.2, Rasha, N. A2


The study was performed on 120 random samples of fresh chicken meat cuts of Drumstick, thigh and breast (40 of each) purchased from different supermarkets and retail chicken butchers in Kaliobia governorate to evaluate their bacterial contamination. The bacteriological examination revealed that the mean values of APC, Staphylococci aureus counts (cuf/g) in drumstick samples were 7.47×10 4±0.31 ×104; 2.31×10 3±0.11 ×103 & 0.26×103 ±0.07 ×103, 6.51×104 ±0.30×104; 2.21×103 ±0.11×103in thigh& 0.22×103 ±0.07×103, and 6.13×104 ±0.32 ×104; 1.99×103 ±0.09 ×103& 0.19×103 ±0.06×103 in breast samples, respectively. Coagulase positive aureus strains were isolated from the examined fresh chicken meat cuts represented as 32.5% in drumstick 27.5% in thigh and 22.5% in breast samples. The isolated strains were highly resistant for methicillin followed by oxacillin; ampicillin; cefotaxime and amoxicillin. Meanwhile, they were highly sensitive to ciprofloxacin followed by enrofloxacin and gentamycin.

Key words

Chicken meat, Bacteriological evaluation, S. aureus

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