Evaluation of levamisole efficacy as immune-stimulant on respiratory diseases treatment in calves

Fararh K.M.*, Abd EL-Hamied S.S. **, Farid A.S.*and El-Sharkawy R.B.**


This study was performed on fifteen newly born calves, 3-5 month old with clinical signs of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in addition to five clinically healthy which considered as control group. After bacterial isolation and identification of the causative microorganisms, fifteen calves from which were found infected with E.coli, P. multocida, Klebsiella and S. aureus. The diseased calves were divided randomly into three equal groups: Gp.1: were treated dose of draxxin (2.5 mg/kg body weight) by s/c injection in the neck; Gp.2: were received Draxxin and Meloxicam (single I/M injection of 0.5 mg/kgb.wt.), while Gp.3: were received draxxin (single s/c injection of 20 mg/kg bwt.) +Levamisole (single I/M injection at a dose of 1mg/50kg bwt). Blood and serum samples were collected from all calves just before treatment, 3 and 10 days post treatment. TLC, neutrophils and monocyte count revealed significant decrease in all treated groups in comparison with diseased group before treatment. While, lymphocyte count recorded significant increase in all treated groups compared with diseased group and lastly, esinophil recorded significant decrease in treated groups with draxxin plus meloxicam and draxxin plus levamisole in comparison with diseased group. Total protein demonstrated significant increase in all treated in comparison with diseased group. Serum albumin, total globulin, α-globulin, β-globulin and γ-globulin showed significant decrease when compared with diseased calves before treatment. Haptoglobin and fibrinogen showed significant decrease in all treated groups in comparison with diseased group. There were significant increase in immunoglobulins and cellular immunity (phagocytic index and phagocytic percentage) in all treated groups especially in group treated with draxxin plus levamisole when compared with diseased group before treatment

Key words

Bovine respiratory disease, Levamisole, Haptoglopin, Fibrinogen, Non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug.

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