Biochemical effect of New Novel Composite on 7,12 dimethylbenz (a) anthracene Induced Mammary Carcinogenesis in Rats.

Omayma Abouzaid1, Abdel Fatah M. Badwi2, Hanaa .F.Gabr 2


Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, There are several ways to treat breast cancer .The effect of Lysine-Cetrimonium gallium Complex with zinc oxide nanopatricle and sodium ascorbate (NNC) on DMBA induced mammary carcinogenesis was investigated in female rats. Oral dose of DMBA induced a significant increase in ALT, AST, MDA and serum NO levels. On other hand marked depletion in CAT, GSH. On other hand oral administration of NNC was able to mitigate mammary carcinogenic damage induced by DMBA as evidence to pronounce curative effect against lipid peroxidation, serum NO level and deviated enzymatic variables and maintained glutathione status, antioxidant enzymes in addition histopathological changes directed toward control. We observed that the administration of (NNC) have potential to exert curative effects against mammary carcinogenesis.

Key words

Breast cancer, gallium chloride, Zinc oxide nanoparticles,CTAB

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