Microbiological evaluation of some heat treated fish products in Egyptian markets

Edris, M. A.1; Hassanien, S. Fatin2; Fahim, Aziz Eldin Shaltout2; Azza, H.ELbaba3; Nairoz, M. Adel3


This study was conducted to confirm the bacterial conditions of fish products with E.O.S, and their hazards on public health. A total of 60 samples of fish products represented by smoked: herring and smoked salmon– semi cooked: fish finger and breaded shrimp (15 of each) were collected from different retail markets for bacteriological examination. The average of APC, Coliform, Escherichia coli, Mould & yeast and Staphylococcus aureus counts (log10 cfu/g) were 4.17± 0.12, 2.92±0.16, 2.19±0.23, 3.96±0.14 and 1.72±0.21 for herring, respectively, 3.16± 0.19, 2.69±0.13, 1.22±0.16, 2.22±0.18 and 1.06±0.06 in smoked salmon, 2.78±0.12, 2.02±0.22, 1.59±0.22, 2.14±0.15 and 1.24±0.24 in fish finger, respectively, and 2.60±0.13, 2.33±0.14, 1.46±0.23, 1.96± 0.20, 0± 0 in breaded shrimp, respectively. The incidence of some food poisoning bacteria (Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes and Vibrio parahaemolyticus also investigated and no one of them was isolated in the examined samples.

Key words

Salmon, Herring, Fish finger, Breaded shrimp

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