The Action Of Myo-Pro gene On The Morphology Of Skeletal Muscle Of Fayoumi Chicken

M. M. Abdel-Gawad1, M.E. Azab1, R.S. Ismail1, A. A. Nafeaa1and . M.E. A. El-Magd2


The aim of the present study was to evaluate the changes in skeletal muscle which may occur after in ovo injection of Myo-Pro gene . A total number of 200 Fayoumi fertilized pure breed eggs were obtained from EL-Tkamoly poultry project - EL-Azab – Fayoum and divided into two equal groups. Control group, n= 100 that was injected with saline, and treated group n = 100 was injected with MyoPro gene. To check both possibilities, we examined the gastrocnemius muscle fibers number and diameter (cross sectional area). The results revealed that Chicken hatched from Myo-Pro injected eggs showed a significant increased muscle masses. This increase in muscle mass and subsequently meat production is due to hypertrophy rather than hyperplasia. From the obtained results, using Myo-Pro gene causing improvement in skeletal muscle fiber (diameter and number) in Fayoumi chicken.

Key words

Fayoumi chicken, eggs, Myo-Pro, Skeletal muscle.

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