Challenge of multi drug resistant stx1 harboring E. Coli in meat and fast foods

Amani, M.S.1, Shaimaa, M.N.2 and Mohamed, A.K.3


A total of 120 random samples of fresh (30) and processed (90) beef and poultry meat products were collected from different supermarkets in Menoufia governorates .these samples were examined for the presence of multi –drug resistant Stx1 harboring E. Coli, the obtained results revealed that the highest incidence of E.COLI in processed samples were recorded in chicken fahita (46.66 %), while beef burger showed the lowest incidence(20%),but the highest incidence in fresh samples were recorded in chicken thigh(40%),on the other hand, chicken breast and fresh beef were the same incidence (20%).The illustrated results showed that the serovars O2:H6 producing Stx1,while the serovars O91:H21,O86,O153:H2 and O44:H18 which isolated from different products producing Stx2, these serovars showed multi-drug resistance to major group of antimicrobials.

Key words

Meat products, E. coli, Stx1, Antibiotic resistance.

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