Hazem M. El Moghazy1, Ebied, M.H2., Mohamed G. Abdelwahab2, and Amr Abdel Aziz El-Sayed3


The present work was carried out to determine the current epidemiology of bovine Babesiosis and Theileriosis in Qalubia Governorate using blood film examination and PCR technique. 167 animals in different locations in Qalubia governorate including 89 cattle and 78 buffaloes were examined clinically and microscopically. Selected 40 samples from them were examined by PCR for detection of blood parasites. Blood films examination revealed that, the infection rate with Babesiosis were 35.93% (60/167) in cattle and buffaloes, 22.47% (20/89) of cattle and 51.28% (40/78) of buffaloes, while the infection rate of Theileriosis was 11.38% (19/167) in cattle and buffaloes, 14.61% (13/89) of cattle and 7.69% (6/78) of buffaloes. Therefore, the results detected higher prevalence of Babesiosis in buffaloes than in cattle and higher prevalence of Theileriosis in cattle than in buffaloes. Mixed parasitic infection was recorded in 4.79% (8/167) of cattle and buffaloes. 40 Blood samples (20 cattle and 20 buffaloes) were examined by PCR for Babesia infection. The confirmed Babesiosis infections in cattle and buffaloes were 15/20 (75%) and 11/20 (55%) respectively by PCR assay. These results revealed that Babesiosis infection rates among selected cattle were 40% and 75% by microscopic examination and by PCR respectively. While the Babesiosis infection rates among selected buffaloes were 40% and 55% by microscopic examination of blood films and by PCR respectively. Finally, the results in this study revealed that, out of (20) apparently healthy cattle and buffaloes, PCR detect 10/20 (50%) while ME identified only 5/20 (25%) as Babesia infected animals. Out of (20) clinically infected animals, PCR detect 16 (80%) while ME identified only 11 (55%) as Babesia infected animals. In conclusions, the results revealed strong evidence that PCR is much more sensitive than ME either in clinically infected or apparently healthy animals (carriers).

Key words

Babesia, Theileria, ME (Microscopic Examination), PCR

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