Mycotic quality of locally manufactured smoked herring fish

Ibrahim-Hemmat M., Rasha A. El Sabagh, Abou El-Roos-Nahla A., Abd El kareem-mohebat


A grand total of 90 random samples of smoked herring fishes (30 Un packed –30 packed – 30 fillet) were collected from different markets at Monofia governorate. The samples were subjected to mycological examination for count, isolation and identification of mould and yeast. Also Molecular identification of aflatoxinogenic A. flavus was carried out. The incidence of mould in the examined samples (unpacked, packed and fillet) were 100%, 83.3% and 66.7%, respectively. While the incidence of yeast in the examined samples (unpacked, packed and fillet) were 90%, 66.7% and 33.3%, respectively. The mean total mould counts /g was 1.9×105, 2.1×104, 2.5×103 for unpacked, packed and fillets, respectively. The mean total yeast counts/g was1.7×105, 2.1×104,1.3×102, respectively. The results indicated that un packed smoked herring fish were more contaminated with mould and yeast. Molecular identification of aflatoxinogenic A. Flavus was positive for three sets of different virulence genes (omtA, ver-1, and nor-1) which involved in aflatoxin biosynthetic pathway.

Key words

Smoked herring, Mycotoxins, Aflatoxin biosynthesis, Aspergillus flavus

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