E. coli strains producing Shiga toxin in cattle carcasses at abattoir level

Saad, M. S., Hassan, M. A., Abou El-Roos-Nahla, A. and Gaafar, M. H.


A total of one hundred random swab samples were collected from the cattle carcasses slaughtered at four different abattoirs located in Menufia governorate namely A, B, C and D (25 of each). The sampling site was randomly taken from each carcass inside the abattoir. The collected samples were examined for presence of E. coli and their virulence genes using PCR technique. Incidence of E. coli isolated from the examined cattle swabs samples taken from abattoir A was E. coli (O55: H7, O111: H2, O126 and O114: H21) 4 % for each, E. coli (O111: H2) was 4 % and E. coli (O126) 4%. While in case of abattoir B E. coli (O86, O124 and O126) 4 % for all and E. coli (O119: H4 and O26: H11) 8% for both. On the other hand, results of abattoir C was E. coli (O111: H2 8% and O26: H11 12%), E. coli (O86, O114: H21, O124 and O142) 4% of each. But in case of abattoir D was E. coli O26: H11 16%, E. coli (O111: H2 O55: H7 and O126) 8% for each, E. coli (O44: H18 and O125: H21) 4% for both. We found also that Shiga- toxin 1 gene (stx1) virulence gene was present in O26: H11, O44: H18, O55: H7, O111: H2, O119: H4, O126 and O128: H2. On the other hand, Shiga- toxin 2 gene (stx2) virulence gene was present in O26: H11, O44: H18, O86, O111: H2, O114: H21, O119: H4, O125: H21 and O142. While intimin gene (eae) virulence gene was present in O26: H11 and O111: H2. Also haemolysin gene (hylA) gene was present in O26: H11, O55: H7 and O111: H2.

Key words

Cattle carcasses, E. coli, Virulence genes, Shiga- toxin

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