Incidence of E. coli and Salmonellae in ready to eat fast foods

Fahim Aziz Eldin Shaltout; Mohammed Farouk; Hosam A.A. Ibrahim and Mostafa E.M. Afifi


A total of 100 random samples of ready- to – eat sandwiches of beef products represented by kofta, liver, shawerma and sausage products (25 samples of each) were collected from different fast food services in different districts at kaliobia Governorate to be examined bacteriologically for detection of Salmonellae and Escherichia coli. The perecentages of Salmonellae in the examined samples of kofta, liver, shawerma and sausage products were 32%, 60%, 8% and 40%, respectively. The obtained results indicated that the incidence of E. coli was 20%, 8% and 32% and 40% in the examined kofta, shawerma, sausage and liver samples, respectively.

Key words

ready- to – eat sandwiches, E. coli, Salmonellae, kofta, liver, shawerma, sausage.

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