Hamdi A. Mohameda, Adham M. Abdou a, Ekbal M. Adela, Sayed Ahmed H. Salemb, Mervat I.M. EL-Hassaninec


The spread of viral diseases in Egypt during the last decade had enormously impacted on the animal productivity, milk products and human public health. Therefore, the present study aimed for detection of bovine rota and corona viruses in raw milk and milk products (cheese and yoghurt). Raw milk samples (n=100), cheese samples (n=60) and yoghurt samples (n=50) were collected randomly from markets at El-Gharbia Governorate during the period from December 2011 till June 2012 for detection of rota and corona virus antigens by ELISA. Results showed that the antigen of rota and corona viruses could be detected in milk samples (15% and 5%, respectively). The antigen of rota and corona viral antigens in different types of cheese could be detected in 7 and 3 samples, respectively out of 60 samples. The antigen of rota and corona viruses in different types of yoghurt could be detected in 3 and zero respectively out of 50 samples. We could conclude that the raw milk and its products may play an important role in infecting human with rota and corona viruses and play an importance role in spreading of these viruses. Kareish cheese, soft white cheese and Balady yoghurt could not eliminate rota and corona viruses when infected milk is used due to insufficient heat treatment and bad hygienic measures. We can conclude that canned milk products free from rota and corona virus this indicate sufficient heat treatment and application of HCCP.

Key words

Corona virus, Rota virus, milk and milk products.

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